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What exactly is

the 805 Boot Camp Program?

Six weeks of high impact workouts combined with Nutritional Guidance and Accountability every single day for 6 straight weeks.

We are not a "drop in when you can squeeze it into your life" program. 

We are serious about getting results that last.

-  Men and Women
-  "Family Show" (no screaming, foul language or  poser-personalities)
-  6 straight weeks (Mon-Fri) 1 hour per day
-  All OUTDOORS Rain or Shine (in Simi Valley, CA)
Our purpose is to help you improve your physical fitness with exercise and nutrition using education, discipline and accountability that you can maintain for the rest of your life!

We get RESULTS!  THE 805 Boot Camp Program WORKS!


No pills, bars, elixirs, drinks, powders (or any other fad) on our program.  

You learn how to EAT REAL FOOD that will help you become stronger, healthier, happier and FULL OF ENERGY to work harder at camp and outside of camp!

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