Camp makes you feel and look GREAT!   Vidya always has a smile!  Harv works shoulders. Cindy working on her triceps!

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First Camp was June 2006.

First camp had 12 full time campers and our class tours have grown to over 100!

Helped Shannon and Jim Roskcowick open
GET SOME BOOT CAMP in Sherman Oaks/Woodland Hills.

Helped Rob Heggan open ADRENALINE BOOT CAMP in Moorpark.

Helped Rick Chambers open MAX ENDURANCE BOOT CAMP.

Randy and Sarita are:

ACE Certified (American Council on Exercise)

CPR Trained

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultants

 How does camp run?

We have 7 camps every year.

Each full camp is 6 straight weeks.

We have "Mini Boot Camp" over Summer Break as well as Winter Break.

Read more about the schedule, click here.

About the 805 Boot Camp Program

805 Boot Camp is a well established outdoor exercise and nutrition program that has helped over 1,000 people in Ventura County area since it opened in June of 2006.

The program is run by ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified instructors dedicated to help you achieve your physical fitness goal.

For 6 straight weeks, 5 days per week (Monday-Friday), 1 hour per day we take you through an effective high-impact workout.

No two days are ever the same workout! Some days are all about your abdominals, lower body, fast twitch muscle fibers, slow twitch, cardio…and conditioning overall.

We keep you (and your body) guessing about what's coming up!  You will be shown how to do exercises that you don't know how to do then expected to TRY YOUR BEST.  

Our program isn't about whether you are the fastest or strongest person at camp - it's about getting YOU to a new and better (stronger and faster and more limber) place!

We work every muscle you have (including your brain!) safely and effectively.

Our program works for all fitness levels.

We test you out in the beginning to determine your level and place you with other campers at the same level - we push you 110% from that point.

The benefits of our program can be found from the true experiences and testimonials, so please read through them.

We update these regularly so it is likely you will find someone with accomplishments YOU WANT to have and the same challenges you have to overcome to get there!

The program is run "military-style" - meaning we are controlling the situation every step of the way in a snap-and-pop, fast paced and challenging way.

This is not a "gym membership" program where you show up when you feel like it.

We take roll call EVERY day and you need to be ready to go ON TIME.

We also help you manage your nutrition and energy intake to ensure you get THE MOST your body can give every step of the way.  We DO NOT approve of fasting, reduced calorie diets, starvation or pills.

We want you to EAT so you can perform at 100% (if not more) every single day of camp.  We help teach you how to take care of your body and put GOOD ENERGY (food) in it!

We hold you accountable every single day (including weekends) for six straight weeks - and the end results are phenomenal.

Our goal is not a "quick fix" solution - it is an overall life changing experience that you can continue.

805 Boot Camp becomes a second family for you - one you love to see every single day!

Our photos tell a great story of what we are all about.

Just show up - we'll take it from there.

Check out our photo coverage, it gives a good idea about "what happens" at camp!

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