A perfect mat, weights, water bottle and camp survival manual set up!

Get a junky but sturdy bag to carry everything in from your car to the camp location (shot at the thrift stores).

You'll remove everything from your bag (and set the bag aside) to have a perfect workout spot!

Weights that are not round work the best.

They don't roll around and will be stable should you need to do push-ups on them (imagine that!).

You can save money (and even get a discount) if you go to Play It Again Sports right here in Simi Valley.

Tell them you are joining 805 Boot Camp for a discount!

Never EVER buy your shoes from a discount retailer, a sporting goods store, Target, Macy's or Walmart (or the like). 

The wrong shoe can CAUSE shin splints, foot pain, knee problems and even more.

 This is a proven fact at camp.

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We insist that women of all sizes wear high-impact sports bras.

Men need compression shorts (when you lift your legs up in the air and your shorts drop this becomes embarrassing).

Things You'll Need
There are a few items that you'll need to bring for camp. 

We have been around for a while and most places will give you a discount if you tell them you are joining 805 Boot Camp.

1) Free Weights.  Two 5lb weights for women and two 10lb weights for men.  Hexagon is the best choice (and you can get these at Play It Again Sports). 

2) A mat.  Thin yoga mats are not ideal.  We use the mat on cement, dirt, rocks, grass...all outdoors.  See the photo for a good example.  You can get these at Play It Again Sports also.

Somehow write your name on your gear...there are a LOT of mats that match and you don't want to grab the wrong mat (with someone's sweat on it...ewww gross!).

The following items are excellent for camp:

Workout apparel.  This is not a fashion show and you WILL get grass stains, mud, dirt and lots of sweat all over your gear and apparel.  Why not visit the local thrift store and stock up?

Sports Bra.  No matter what size, you need to wear a sports bra.  The bra needs to be able to handle HIGH IMPACT ACTIVITY.  See examples.

Compression Shorts.  Men need to wear these.  See examples.

SHOES!  Do not go out and buy a new pair of shoes unless you are a person that is a regular runner and you do not have injuries.  We want to see your shoes and help you make sure you avoid injuries to your feet, knees, shins, calves and hips.  If you want to get your shoes in advance only go to a PROFESSIONAL running shoe store (and be SURE to tell them you are joining 805 Boot Camp). 

We recommend:

Foot Pursuit in Simi Valley
Future Track Agoura
Road Runner Thousand Oaks 

Be sure you tell them you are doing 805 Boot Camp.  You will be face down (so your toe box needs to be sturdy) doing push-ups, mountain climbers, bear crawls and more).

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