Who can join?

Anyone!  Friends of 805 Boot Camp, past campers and family!  Each will receive a special dog tag at the finish of our last camp session.  Great as a decoration on your Christmas tree, key chain or to wear around your neck and perform EXCELLENT push-ups!

How much is it? How do I pay for camp?

$78 for Unlimited Classes. 

You can pay online (link here) or check made out to 805 Boot Camp or cash in a sealed envelope with your name clearly on the front.  We will not be accepting cash any other way (it just gets too confusing).

Tour 78

Our final boot camp session will be produced all outdoors in Simi Valley California by Randy and Sarita Shoemaker.

Can I earn Perfect Attendance?

You can (and should) keep our highest standard with Perfect Attendance if you can. It is one of the most difficult things to accomplish: attending every consecutive day of camp!  We will not be tracking attendance and there is no minimum to graduate. 

To earn a Dog Tag we need to see you ENROLLED before Day One.  The Final Camp Dog Tag is very special, you will want one for (if anything) the bragging rights of being part of our final camp!

What do I need to participate?

A workout mat and set of weights.  If you want to get OUTSIDE of your comfort zone and burn more calories give me a call ( 805-823-3409) and I will discuss what second or third set of weights you should bring/use.  PLEASE get a rolling cart or backpack if you are carrying multiple sets of weights so you do not throw your back out of alignment.

When is it?

Starts June 5th through June 30th.

Three 1-hour classes daily:

5:30am, 7:00am and  6:00pm

What time are the camp classes?

5:30am, 7:00am and 6:00pm

We start ON TIME.  That means you must be at the location at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class.  Be respectful to your fellow campers and us, get there to set up and get oriented.  If you are running late STILL COME TO CAMP.  Let us know by sending us a text 805-823-3409.  We may not be able to wait for you if we are leaving a location but we'll do our best to give you the info so you can catch up.

I can only attend 3 days per week?

Yes, of course.

Your camp payment is Unlimited Access to any class, any time and as many in one day that you can manage.

There are no other prices or programs offered.

Where is it?

Our schedule takes us all over Simi Valley California.  The best thing you can do is drive to locations you don't know IN ADVANCE so you feel comfortable on "game day".

I am out of shape and/or injured, can I manage your camp?

Out Of Shape? Yes, you can. 

Classes are organized in three categories.  Alpha Group are the extreme athletes, Bravo Group are those that have been moving and exercising regularly but are not interested in extreme push or a competitive feeling and Charlie Group are those beginning an exercise program and need a gradient approach.  All classes have these options. 

Injured?  Yes, WITH MODIFICATIONS.  Call us to discuss because we cannot accommodate all types of injuries or limitations.  805-823-3409.

How do I know if I am "enrolled" or "registered?

The Roster is posted here. If your name is missing just send us a text with your name and email address.  If you have not filled in a Waiver you are required to do so before attending. You can get that here.  Please print it, fill it out completely (front and back) and bring with you to class.