Mina's Yoga Studio Address

Soul Body Yoga

6591 Collins Dr E-9

Moorpark, CA 

(805) 231-6356

outside or inside?

Yoga is taught OUTDOORS unless the weather says otherwise!  Our schedule and our texting plan will keep you informed when you begin.

Having yoga outdoors has been an amazing experience for all of us.

Don't miss out!


ALWAYS pack/bring your normal boot camp running shoes, mat and weights on Yoga day JUST IN CASE we have a change of plans.

When you arrive to the class you will be prepared, either way.

Come prepared

If you haven't been to Mina's Yoga at 805 Boot Camp you are in for a TREAT!   You will need (for outdoor yoga class):

  • Your mat.
  • Loose fitting clothing (but not baggy).  Try doing a down-dog position and if your shirt falls upward (or downward if you are doing the down dog) toward your head then it's going to be difficult to do some basic yoga poses.
  • We'll be barefoot.
  • Water.
  • Beach towel (folded).
  • Yoga Blocks.  VERY good especially if you are not very flexible.

If class is at her studio she has the mat, blocks and more yoga equipment we recommend you bring a big beach towel.

Yoga at 805 boot camp

It is part of your 6-week tour

Yoga is a cornerstone of your health and fitness happiness.   It is especially good for anyone with limited flexibility.

Our camp includes yoga as part of the variety of exercise that you can use to improve your health.

About mina

Mina has been part of 

the 805 Boot Camp Program

since 2012.

She has a strong knowledge

of anatomy and exercise

physiology as well as a

medical background in her past career. 

You can find her studio Soul Body Yoga in Moorpark.