In 2005, Randy and Sarita decided to take “healthy lifestyle” to a new place personally for their family’s sake.

Both saw the rapid decline of their mother’s health and early death  as a neon road sign and inspiration to get further educated.  They were not sure where the path would lead but they knew their current priorities had to change.

They quit their jobs, began a boutique outdoor boot camp program and leaped fully into the world of health and fitness.

For over a decade they have schooled themselves in the various advances in diet and exercise and have helped hundreds of men, women and children along the way.

The primary goal: show people how to change their habits for a long term better quality of life, no matter when they begin.

They earned certifications through the American Council on Exercise in fitness, athletic diets, personal training and weight loss.  Their education didn’t stop there: seminars, books, online research, networking and testing concepts personally before deciding they would support and forward it to their own family and their clients.

They live a regular life with challenges just like everyone else: working more than full time, parties, family functions, juggling kid’s school and after school activities, bad habits and of course being lazy!

Because there is so much marketing connected to this world they learned to not trust any “latest fad”, “quick fix” or “extreme” nutrition or exercise guides.

They’ve seen the agony of defeat with every single person that has drifted away from camp and returned.  Weight that was quickly lost returned and then some.  Depression set in worse.  Their conclusion:  quick solutions are unhealthy and dangerous to ones health, not practical and definitely not maintainable in today’s world.

Then there was the mental battle most deal with when trying to make long term changes.

Inevitably, out of the woodwork, come the nay-sayers. The people that don’t want you to succeed.  “You will overdo it”, “You’re going to get hurt”, “Don’t come crying to me if you hurt yourself” or even “When are you going to give it up?!” are some of the challenging taunts (sometimes quietly, sometimes openly) their clients endured.

They have created a simple system that will keep a person showing up:  stability, accountability, variety and structure.   

The bottom line to their philosophies:

1. You CAN workout every day, at your level, and add years of a better quality of life through our cross-training hour-long activities.  It is not too much and you get out what you put in.

2. Eliminating processed foods from your diet will help improve your auto-immune system and give you more strength and energy to make #1 possible.  You get power and energy from your body from what you put into it.

Boot Campers come and go…and return.  When they call  and get rolling again they always say, 100% of the time, “please don’t let me fall off the wagon again.”

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