Randy and Sarita Shoemaker are the  husband and wife team that created 805 Boot Camp’s outdoor fitness and exercise program in Ventura County California and brought it to El Paso County Colorado in 2019.

Both earned certification with the American Council on Exercise and have been part of the “boot camp program” since 2005.  They also have had athletics, physical fitness and personal training in their lives for over 20 years.

Their boot camp program is run snap and pop. 

They keep you going with encouragement and inspiration, rather than degrading haranguing or force.  It is more of a "family-style" environment.  Warm and welcoming.

Their goal is for YOU to improve your health and live a higher quality of life as a result.

They decided to make the leap from a "part time" way of life to "full time" delivering fitness boot camps in February 2006.  Since then, they've helped well over 1,000 people!

Both have worked the “concrete jungle” and lived/survived “cubicle life” which helps them help you through challenges or difficulties with sticking to their program.

On a more personal note - they have a healthy and active family, 4 children, two dogs, a cat and they live in Simi Valley.

They volunteer their time continually to help local residents with free boot camps, donations to the high schools, many PTA's and of course are VERY active in every group they can find connected to the Simi Valley Parks and Recreation and preservation of the fantastic land this city has!

Both Randy and Sarita have big hearts and work 24/7 to make their camp the best for every camper!  

Call them any time and they actually answer the phone!