Instructor: savanna panetta

Our daughter Amanda has something to do with Savanna joining the 805 Boot Camp Family.  

Savanna was a hard working and successful student at Simi Valley High School on the Track Team with Coach Roger Evans and Coach Steve Ringgold.

While our kids were attending SVHS Randy volunteered as an Assistant Coach and got to know both Coach Evans and Coach Ringgold through our daughter Amanda (she was also on the Track Team).

Back in 2014 Coach Ringgold called us to tell us WE SHOULD HIRE SAVANNA PANETTA with no hesitation.  We were not even looking for an instructor at the time but met with her.  Boy are we glad we did!  She is an amazing person and fantastic employee!

Since her career at SVHS she has jumped into the world of health and fitness earning a BS in Health Science at CSU Long Beach, became a Certified Personal Trainer for NASM, NCSF, NESTA and TRX.  

She is CPR/AED Certified and a nationally registered EMT.

Those are big kudos for someone just beginning her career in this industry.

On top of those amazing certifications she has put in HOURS of volunteer time in the Long Beach BLAST program as a mentor and now is an Assistant Sprint Coach for the Simi Valley High School Track and Field program.  

Savanna shares a passion for helping people and animals like we do and she has been a perfect fit.

We know working with us is a stepping stone for her and what we see she is going to do to help make our world a better, happier and healthier place!