Riddle Answer: A Stick.

This article was originally written in 2011 by Sarita Shoemaker.


This would apply to a NORMAL person (ie without any disease or injuries).  Common sense nutrition is always paramount to any advice and I’ve got to say “before you attempt any diet you should consult your physician” too.  

If you don’t agree with these suggestions: DO NOT DO THEM!  If you have questions about this topic please do further research.  This subject of somatypes is very intriguing to me so I spent time looking at many different studies, website, books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. 

Ectomorphs:  You must EAT!  Fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and good proteins.  You can eat “anything” but if you want strong blood, strong muscles and a healthy mentality you need to not eat fast food or junk.  You have to push yourself with MORE WEIGHT while working out.  You need to get a good pace when you do a cardio activity - one you can maintain for a longer period of time.  Your metabolism is high, so you cannot ignore when it is time to REFUEL.  Building a stable eating pattern will give your body the chance to build muscle.

Mesomorphs: Your body tells you “I am hungry” like a clock.  Getting you to eat 3 good meals and 2 snacks seems like second nature.  You cannot just eat anything though.  The energy (food) you put in your body can be turned into a fuel that can go either way: help build or give your body “busy work with no help” toward a healthier body.   When exercising, you can put on muscle FAST so your weights should be managed closely.  Go for endurance overall - how long can you hold a steady pace at that activity or exercise.  Your body really benefits from cardio so go for longer periods when you can.

Endomorphs:  You do not have a natural feeling of consistency on being hungry and feeding your body.  You can go a long time without putting energy into your body.  You absolutely cannot put junk in!  You have the toughest challenge to arrive to and maintain a happy medium in your diet.  You should pack yourself with raw organic fresh vegetables and fruits and lean proteins.  When you workout, you have to push harder than anyone and be sweating your brains out!    You can use heavier weights to build that muscle and burn the fat off.  An endomorph might feel like being lazy, compared to what they should be: THE MOST ACTIVE!

Again, to REPEAT our deep core philosophy:  our bodies should be outside enjoying the sunshine, wind, rain...the elements!!  They need to be moving across this planet.  They need to be treated to the best possible raw fruits and vegetables and kept hydrated with good pure H2O.  

Those basic elements are mostly MISSING from our lifestyles so what we might think is “obvious” isn’t applied by most of us (and yes, including Randy and myself!)


Examples: Catherine Zeta-Jones (apple), Jack Black (apple), Rosanne Barr (pear), John Travolta (apple),  John McCain (apple), Hilary Clinton (pear)

Characteristics include:

  • More of a Pear or Apple (round in the middle) shape
  • Short limbs
  • Stalky
  • Gain muscle easily
  • High waist
  • Round in the center of their body
  • Less pronounced definition 
  • Small hands and feet
  • Fine hair
  • Difficulty losing weight


Let’s see:  Madonna, Demi Moore,  Mariah Carey, Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods, Mark Wahlberg, Sly Stallone,  Martin Luther King,J-Lo, Lance Armstrong

  • Characteristics include:
  • Tight thick hard muscled bodies
  • Women have hourglass shape
  • Men have rectangular shape
  • Broad shoulders/narrow waist
  • Muscular/strong
  • Athletic phisique
  • Good Posture
  • Thick skin, tans easily/well
  • Gain muscle easily
  • Loses weight easily
  • Gains fat easier


Recognize these Ectomorphs?  Angelina Jolee, Chris Rock, Ed Norton, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Bruce Lee, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson

Characteristics include:

  • Thin frame
  • Small joints/fragile-like
  • Flat chest and butt
  • Delicate “build”
  • Lean
  • Sharp facial features
  • Long limbs 
  • Long neck, fingers and toes
  • Fine hair (grows quick and tough to style)
  • Often cold
  • High metabolism
  • Rarely fat
  • Takes longer to build muscle
  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Hyperactive mentally.

According to my beloved 1966 edition Webster’s New World Dictionary...

  • Soma came from Modern Latin but first from the Greek word somā meaning body.

  • Ecto comes from the Greek word ekios, meaning outside.

  • Meso comes from the Greek word mesos meaning middle.

  • Endo comes from the Greek word endon meaning within.

  • Morph comes from the Greek word  morphē, meaning form.Type your paragraph here.


There are a few factors that will determine the speed of “weight loss” or “fat loss” you might not be aware of.

One key component is an observation done by an American psychologist 

William Sheldon (1898-1977).    I’ve done some research on him and I think you’d like him.  He was a type of boy that investigated and studied stuff in the garden answering questions and solving puzzles.  

He started his observation at Brown University by taking photographs of bodies and studying further the similarities of each.  He created three categories:  Ecto, Meso and Endo morphs called SOMATYPES. 

I’m going to describe briefly the three “types” and you’ll probably find yours.   The body type you have should help guide you in your nutritional choices as well as exercise routine. 

You might not match 100% of the characteristics or behavior - just use it as a guide to decide.

We believe that there is no “bad” routine for anyone on exercise except those that are injured and have to adjust.  Heck, taking a walk up a hill for a person starting out is a challenge that is worth the effort.