• Ashley 
  • Jake
  • Little G
  • Coach Henry
  • Zach
  • TK (Brianne)

No matter what your experience is, you get a tough and doable workout.  

Coach brings with him Instructors from the studio and although each has their own flair and expertise, they have the same passion!  You can tell the KO is a FAMILY!


If you LOVE boxing you should join KO Studios.

Check out their website for lots of information.

Sarita is currently enrolled and LOVING every minute.

outside or inside?

Boxing with KO Studios  is taught OUTDOORS and the location can change.  Read your schedule and directions closely.

Come prepared

Gloves and equipment (depending on the workout) provided.  

If you own your own gloves and wraps, bring them.   Want to order a set of both?  KO Studios can accommodate you!  Just let Randy know you would like to buy a set.  

You WILL be soaked after these classes...we suggest you bring:

  • Sweat towel
  • Don't wear clothing that is too loose.  It will restrict your movements.
  • Have a shirt to change into after class!
  • Water bottle.

About KO Studios

Decades of experience in and outside the ring making CHAMPIONS, you can feel the passion Coach Henry has for this sport.

BOXING at 805 boot camp

It is part of your 6-week tour

Boxing with KO Studios is one of the greatest days you'll experience.

Coach Henry and his group of Instructors will take you through many different exercises.  He works on basics that will leave you COOKED.

Boxing is not guaranteed in each of our camp sessions so when it is on the schedule we highly suggest you get your RSVP in for a spot!