Get pdf of recipe here.

Just returning from my 5th visit to our local grocery store where I could not find healthy granola.   I've said I would make my own year after year but my attempts have always resulted in burned up dog treats (because Kona will eat anything).   

millet oat pancakes

Get pdf of recipe here.

I've discovered benefits with millet I hope you take advantage of. I'm working on creating things Randy can take with him on his trail running prep for the 100 milers this year - he is eating gluten free and vegan with me this month and I am conscious of his protein and energy needs.  These pancakes are easy to digest as well as helpful in many other ways.   Read more benefits here.

The buzz bowl

I finally FINALLY got to go to Hawaii.  Since I was a beginner vegan I relied on google maps to lead me to places to dine.  We found a place on Maui called CHOICE HEALTH BAR in Lahaina .  That's where I had my first Acai Buzz Bowl.  It's very simple and packed with nutrients.  You can vary your buzz levels (use less cayenne) and toppings. 

My Buzz Bowl Creations  PDF

Try creating these

Bananacran Muffins

Blender Oat Pancakes

Health KICK Muffins

Mango Tumeric Smoothie by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead's Joe Cross

dining out

Want to choose better?

Poach your eggs.

Order your toast DRY.

Bowl of fruit, rather than hash browns.

Grain pancakes with fruit (berries) on top (NOT COMPOTE).

Oats with berries (not sugar and butter)

Omelette with NO CHEESE.  Take it easy on "meat" because it is packed with sodium which is awful for you.

breakfast is important!

Please make time and put in the effort to start your day with a good nutritious meal that includes foods that have VALUE.

It is a perfect time for raw fruit like berries, melon or citrus.