I do not count calories, anymore.

Now I try to read ingredients and put the "good stuff" in first to fill up.

It was rough at first (choosing the healthier 

options) but that was over a decade (and 50 lbs) ago. 

Now I LOVE food and exploring the healthy choices that ARE delicious.  I fought my mother on this most of my life!


Sarita's message...

​MonoUNsaturated fat - avocado, nuts, vegetable oils (like canola, olive and peanut)  Food high in mono-fats help lower “bad” cholesterol “LDL” (LAME) and keep good “HDL” (Happy) cholesterol high.

PolyUNsaturated fat - mainly in vegetable oils like safflower, sesame (yum), soy, sunflower and corn oil.  If you go with soy - PLEASE GO WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC.    Poly fat has Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.   FISH (like salmon, anchovy, herring, oyster, mackerel and trout) have Omega-3 in them.

Trans fat - BAD for your health.  Crisco.  It’s the type that is hard and solid at room temperature.  Processed foods, snack foods (chips/crackers/cookies) and salad dressings.  AVOID this crap because it is raising your cholesterol.    It’s just gross and bad for you and no one that loves you wants you to eat it.

Saturated Fat - ahhh the “Sat Fat”.  It sat at room temperature and is was solid as well but it found in animal foods like milk, cheese and red meat (less in poultry and fish).  It can be found in TROPICAL oils like palm, coconut and cocoa butter.  A healthy diet has less than 10% of daily calories from SAT-FAT.



For a 2,000 calorie diet (of high nutrient foods) a healthy individual you would consume

  • 400-500 or 20-25% (100-125g) calories of protein
  • 900-1200 or 45-60% (225-300g)calories of carbohydrates
  • 200-400  or 15-20% calories of fat


Protein is either COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE of nine essential amino acids necessary for humans. 

 COMPLETE:  meat, poultry and dairy.

INCOMPLETE. Protein found in vegetables, grains and legumes are incomplete.  


Carbohydrates are either SIMPLE or COMPLEX.  

We want you to consume COMPLEX carbohydrates like those found in fruits and vegetables.  Those give your body NUTRIENTS to use to build, protect and strengthen your body.  SIMPLE carbs are mostly junk like soda, cracker, baked goods...process junk.

Do you know if an APPLE is a complex or simple carbohydrate?