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By Sarita Shoemaker

The final week is HERE and we've got good news on the camper Perfect Attendance Challenge.

In recent history the list of Perfect Attendance has dropped to half of what we have this session.  Very cool!

Tour 72

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Survive hunger pangs with smart planning

- Keep a bowl of fruit on your counter.  Did you know there is a Farmer's Market every Friday  near the Regal Theater 11am - 3pm.   2757 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063



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Swimming.  If your dog isn’t a swimmer or used to it, try being in the water with them while they try.  Hold their tummies and let their lets begin moving.  You can even find floatation vests for dogs.  This has been a great way for our dog Zoey to beat the heat and get some no-impact cardio.  She has bad hips and is 12 years old so can’t do much.

Throwing, Retrieving...or sniffing.  Not all dogs know about running after a ball and bringing it back. Some, like Zoey our cockapoo, just knows about racing after it like a Point Guard and plopping down.  Take the ball and really get the dog excited sniffing it and you making it incredible then toss!  Watch the happiness exude.  You might even get more out of it if your dog isn’t a “retriever” mentality.

Stretching.  Lay on the grass or a mat and stretch yourself out.  Give your dog a space to lay right near you.  Just give a little stretch pull on their legs in a gentle and relaxing way.  Pull their legs in a NATURAL position, nothing funky or contortion like.  

Games!  Hide and seek, tug-o-war, Hopscotch…

I guess the best thing you could do for your dog is to carve out special time with him or her and make sure they know how much you love them back!Type your paragraph here.

Check out the photo coverage we have had for this camp session - it's been amazing!

These photos are for camper's personal use and we insist you give Photo Credit to us any time used. 

Have you ever seen a dog excited just because YOU are excited?  They feel the energy and live to please you and make you smile, laugh, jump...enjoy their company!

Before you begin any exercise program consult with your veterinarian. You may need to adjust certain things to keep within the capacity your dog can manage.

According to  the ASPCA here is some excellent advice...

Breeds that are prone to bloat that is, deep-chested, narrow-bodied breeds, such as German shepherd dogs, Doberman pinschers and Great Danes should not be exercised right after meals.

Small or short-legged dogs usually don’t need as much walking as larger dogs.

Breeds with short or flat noses (brachycephalic breeds) can have trouble breathing when exercised vigorously.

Sustained jogging or running is not recommended for young dogs whose bones haven’t finished growing. Because large dogs are more prone to cruciate ligament injuries, arthritis and hip dysplasia, sustained jogging can be hard on their joints and bones, too.

Sighthounds, like greyhounds and whippets, are built for short-distance sprinting, not long-distance runs.”


Here are some exercise ideas:

Road walk.  Don’t bring your phone with you and talk or text.  Give them your full attention.  They deserve it, don’t they?  Bring waste bags and follow leash laws.

Trail run or hike.  Depending on your ability as well as your dog, find a dirt path that has exciting things to smell.   Again, stay off your electronic devices and give your dog some time and attention.  Bring waste bags and follow the leash laws.

Dog Obedience Lessons.  You can do a few drills for 10 minutes every day and eventually you’ll have a new learned habit.  Don’t overdo it on treats for learning by the way.  Your praise and showing your love is like chocolate to us!

Obstacle jumping, hopping, navigating over.  The smallest thing can be fun - a hula hoop to jump through, a pillow and for the taller dogs benches are fun.  Start on gradients and spend a few minutes at each one.

Camp Photos!

Animals are different than us.  They’re SMARTER.

Let’s talk about DOGS!

There are millions of types of dogs with so many different abilities.  

I am no dog expert but I know a few (experts and dogs) and have spent time gathering common sense information for a pet owner to consider.


They have boatloads of energy and need activity and stimulation.  Without it they, like us, become overweight and depressed.

Taking your dog on a walk every day is as important as brushing your teeth.

There may be limits to this happening such as  being injured yourself, an overbooked schedule  or you being just plain lazy.

No matter what: when you squeeze in some stimulation time for them THEY LOVE IT and it makes them happier.  

- Leftovers!  Rather than eat EVERYTHING on your plate, try having part put in a to-go container.  This makes an excellent "go-to" snack between full meals.

- See more ideas here...

The campers enrolled on Base or Full 360 Camp that achieve Perfect Attendance will get a special dog tag!

Healthy Snack Ideas