You meet the nicest people at camp - friends for life you could easily say!


We are pleased to announce our Graduating campers of Tour 72.

Six weeks ago these men and women set out to put a dent in their health and improve it through exercise and good nutritional choices.

We have watched them become stronger, faster, leaner and happier!

It was not easy putting the time in and earning the credits.  We know there have been major obstacles along the way.

Most of the time, especially if this type of dedication is new, the weakest parts of our life begin the shake and sometimes explode.

Habits can be changed in 21 days and you have to TRUST THE PROCESS you are committing to.

Weight loss and fat loss should not be extreme and that's a tough thing for most of us.  You have to start sometime and give yourself a realistic future goal.

Safely losing weight means your chances of KEEPING IT OFF increase.  That's what we are about.

Next Full Session is Tour #73

  • What are the greatest things about our town?
  • What do you think would inspire someone to move here?
  • What do you see we need to change?

This link will take you to the City Of Simi Valley's Contact page and Departments.

Our City Officials need to know what the CITIZENS think and this is a safe platform for you to communicate on.

Chances are you'll get a response within a few hours! I did after writing about my concerns on parking at trail heads and the cattle.

Please have MANNERS especially if you are sending in a complaint.  They are overloaded and appreciate our eyes and ears on the street.

Visit the Contact Page - Click Here

Help make our town THE GREATEST!!

Tour 72

Perfect Attendance means NEVER missing a class during the entire camp!

This is TOUGH!

This tour we had 6 campers achieve a Perfect Score for their Base Program.  NICE!

AQUA RUNNING - testimonial

talk to our city  officials

volume 72 issue 6

BUFFET PROGRAM Perfect Attendance

We have a program that has been a perfect fit for people with extremely packed schedules due to work, family obligations or travel.  The Perfect Attendance for Buffet means they attended 3 classes every week without missing.

Thank you for introducing me to Aqua Running! It is a really tough workout that leaves me winded, but not wounded.   Aqua Running is surprisingly difficult, and yet so easy on my battered body. I feel as though I’ve had a great workout from head to toe, but I’m not sore or gimping afterward.  I have suffered lots of recent lower back pain and this class helps it tremendously. My back doesn’t hurt at all during the workout and feels better throughout the day. Read more...

6 Weeks.

Starts September 26th through November 4th

You CAN choose a 5-week option if you are planning a holiday away.

Choose the Program that fits your needs here.






Camp Photos!

Check out the photo coverage we have had for this camp session - it's been amazing!

These photos are for camper's personal use and we insist you give Photo Credit to us any time used.