Veggie Grill's 
Sonoran Winter Bowl

Spiced and fire-roasted carrots, seaside black beans, avocado chunks, tomato corn salsa, jalapeños, light flakey tortilla strips, roasted red pepper sauce on quinoa pilaf with grapes and almond slices.

I put the "sauce" on the side and used a little bit.  

This meal was a 10 across the boards! 

outside of simi valley

You can find healthy choices on their menu but you still have to be smart on sauces and dressings.

Not in any particular order...


Know of a place we should list?  PLEASE let us know!

Dining Out - disaster?

We get it!  You are going to dine out!

This page is dedicated to giving you some tips and tricks to surviving when you eat out.

The first thing you need to know is that BY LAW establishments must comply with regulations to "food safety" that you cannot control.

The worst and #1 problem you will deal with is the SODIUM that is infused, added, sprinkled and used to preserve food (to make it last longer).

That being said, you have to educate yourself on the place you are going (use the internet) and what options they have on their menu.

  1. Do some sleuthing. Look ahead.  Get a grip of the menu and apply the "closest to unprocessed as possible" philosophy. Just visit their website menu before and you'll be able to make a good choice when you arrive.

  2. Get no dressing or sauces.  Have them put them ON THE SIDE so you can dip your fork in that sauce then fork your food item.  DO IT IN THIS ORDER - NOT ITEM THEN DIP! 

  3. NEVER salt anything you order at a restaurant.  Get a grip!

  4. Drink water.  

  5. Order a "dinner salad" (no dressing) and eat it slowly before your main dish arrives.

  6. ​Chew your food!  Try doing what Dr. Hiroma Shina (The Enzyme Factor) recommends of 30 to 50 times!  You need that saliva to help digest properly.   You also give your taste buds a chance to do their job: ENJOY THE FLAVOR! 

  7. Choose raw, steamed, broiled, broasted, grilled - in that order. For meats (except fresh fish), skip to broiled (hopefully that is obvious).


Simi Valley is very limited in healthy establishments to dine at. 

We will expand our list to a few towns nearby as well as recommended places you might like to venture out to!

simi valley

Not in any particular order...

  • The Natural Cafe
  • California Pizza Kitchen (sauces on the side!)
  • ​Herb and Spice (Thai Food)

Know of a place we should list?  PLEASE let us know!