sweet potato white bean burger

Don't want meat? Want something that will digest easily? You need about 50 minutes for this but it is worth it.  Plus you'll make your house smell amazing.           GET PDF AND PRINT IT

Clean out your kitchen!
If it is filled with preservatives don't donate it...chuck it in the garbage.
We want you to plan and cook meals that TASTE AMAZING!
Home cooked trumps dining out any day of the week in our opinion.  

Better for your body and pocketbook.

lean meat

Bison, Chicken and Turkey are pretty lean meats to accompany your dinner that should always include COMPLEX carbohydrates.


dinner  IDEAS

Dinner time is normally when you are winding down for the day and headed for relaxing, sitting, resting...not moving like you have all day.

For that reason we want you to eat (but not stuff yourself) foods that will digest easily and burn as fuel for the next day workout.

One of my FAVORITE websites has been Oh She Glows.  The flavors and simplicity (and good directions) make me visit often for new ideas.

"Shredded Lacinato kale is tossed in a tangy balsamic, apple cider, maple, and garlic dressing and then topped with sliced pear, pomegranate arils, pepita, hemp, and black sesame seeds, and large flaked coconut...."

Get the whole recipe - click here.



WOW this was a simple recipe!  It was filling and I was not hungry for hours after.                  GET PDF AND PRINT IT

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