If that is what you are looking at doing and you are on our program you can make changes RIGHT NOW that will begin the sizzle of unwanted/unnecessary fat!

This advice is from our experience in helping people since 2006.  Our "work" never stopped after the camper left our hour workout - we invaded their life and lifestyle and observed.

You have to TRUST THE PROCESS to begin with.  You have to see the future with your changes included.  This cannot be temporary!  If you want to make a lasting difference you have to stay the course.

Over the years we have had experience with people dealing with medical issues that our plan did not work with.  Get your doctor's blessing that you are a healthy "normal" individual before you take our advice.  Show your doctor our plan and make sure they say it's cool.  

We haven't had one doctor argue the plan - on the flip side every single one loves it!

1. Build more muscle.  Bring extra weight options to boot camp.  YES even if we don't use them you had to cart them to and from your car (CONSIDER IT A BONUS; YOU ARE WELCOME!).

2. Eat 5-7 SERVINGS of raw fruits and vegetables every day.

3. Track your food intake in a journal - every single day.  Watch for patterns.  Try new things and pay attention to how they affect your body and mind. You should be pooping 2-3 times every day by the way. Track it!  Track your sleep too.  

4. Do not eat unclean foods after 3pm.

5. Drink at least half you body weight in ounces of water every day.

6. CUT OUT all fast food - that includes "pre-packaged" meals you find in your freezer section, packaged or processed "bars" as meal replacement and drinks that offer the same concept (meal replacement).

7. Plan meals and snacks in advance to ensure you don't fall back on junk food or "fast food" (as we define it).  

8. Get 4-5 days of exercise - vigorous for at least 25 minutes - every week.  Rest (REALLY REST) for one day.  Exercise is MOVING YOUR BODY!  That includes dancing, yoga, running, walking, hiking, exercise classes...MOVING!

9. Get tested.  Your doctor can help you with this or do it on your own.  Weight, Body Fat, BMI.  Talk to your doctor about what your "ideal" should be.  Write down a goal that is a RESULT of making that goal - as in Dress Size reduction.

10. Don't do this for instant results.   Plan for a 3-month period of time.  Minimum of a month sticking to your changes.  Maybe change 1 thing a week for 10 weeks!  It has to be positive and fun or you are going to give up.  

11. Recruit a friend or family member to help you.  For sure try to stay away from people that don't care if you succeed.  They'll lure you off the plan as soon as they can.

Fat is ENERGY.  Our bodies need energy!  Fat protects us from injuries, protects our organs and that's why it is important.  Losing it all is not healthy.  Getting to low levels is BAD for your health. 
We have helped many people drop fat (that was the weight they needed to lose) off of their bodies.

eliminating unwanted (unnecessary) fat

To be perfectly clear: YOU NEED FAT ON AND WITHIN YOUR BODY!