cell phones

Q:  Can I bring my cell phone with me while I workout?

A: We would prefer you leave your phone in your car.  Once in a while it is OK to bring it if you are on call for an emergency.  If you feel you need it for safety reasons or are mapping your exercises, that is an acceptable reason to have it.  If you do get a call during class, please walk far away from the group and return as quietly as possible.

You may not play games or text while at camp for the class hour.


For our 72nd Tour we are offering a choice for people that are going on a vacation. 

Here is how it works:

1) The “week off” is a straight 7 day period from Saturday to Friday (as opposed to a portion of any week).  So, for example, you would take Week 3 off out of the 6 weeks.  You cannot take part of Week 2 and Part of Week 3.  You cannot take 5 days randomly off during the 6 weeks. For now it is OK to have that week be during ANY week (we were just going to make it the First Week or the Last Week).

2) The Graduation Gift is still an option to accomplish.  The Minimum for Base is 20 credits and Buffet 12 for a 5 week track.

3) You cannot use the week off for “make up” for Extra Credit options.  That begins Saturday of the week you would take off until Friday - 7 days.

4) If you want to switch to 6 weeks you would pay the difference as long as it is known AHEAD of time.  Once the week passes that is planned “off” we charge $12/day.

5) Unused days do not carry over into the next (or any) later session.

6) You are still responsible for keeping in touch, reading and knowing places/locations/directions.

dogs at camp

Q:  Can I bring my dog?

A:  Not every day.  You need to check with Randy at least a day before.  If you arrive with your dog, you'll have to go off on your own.


Q: How can I join one of your races?

A: We produce trail running races  (outside of 805 Boot Camp) every year you are welcome to join!

Jan: New Year's Day RUN FOR BOOKS

Feb: Bandit Ultra Trail Run

Mar: Celtic Climb at Rocky Peak

Nov: White Bull Trail Series

try a class

Q:  Can I try a class?

A:  Yes!  Call us to set up the best day for you to try one of our camp classes.  The cost is $20.  

STARTING late / leaving early

Q:  The Camp Tour has already begun - how can I get in?

A:  CALL US  (805-823-3409) and we will evaluate what we can do on a case-by-case basis.  You will have to come to our house to get a Starting Camp Briefing - NO EXCEPTIONS.  It takes 30 minutes.  In the past every person that we've allowed to blow this off has caused triple work for us.  "Once bitten, twice shy!"

Q: I am on the Full 360 Program but cannot come to the Starting and/or Final Body Composition Measurements?

A: This is unfortunate! We have a "Make-Up" at the beginning of the camp tour normally on the first Tuesday in Week 1.  There is no make-up for the end of camp finishing stat gathering.  If you are planning on returning you can come to the next Starting Measurement Day.  

Frequently asked questions

Take a look over the top questions we are asked.  If you cannot see yours, contact us and we'd be happy to reply!

E-Mail info@805BootCamp.com or Text/Call 805-823-3409.

where is camp today?

Q:  How do I find out where class is today?

A: Read your hardcopy schedule, check out the online version (on your Tour Notes Page), join the iCal (if you have an iPhone).

Q: What do I need for camp?

A: Mat, weights and bottle of water.  For yoga days you need to check this out:  Yoga Classes.

Buffet program

Q:  If I miss a day in a week may I just add a day to another week?

A: No.  You must use your days within the week or lose them.

Q: I missed a day on the Buffet Program and need to graduate - what can I do?

A: Read the link below.  Buffet is limited but there are ways you can earn credits.

Making Up Missed Classes

Q: I would like to add a day to my week (over the 3). Is this ok?

A: Yes.  The price is $12 per day.


Q:  May I bring a friend or guest?


A:        You can call and ask if we will make an exception but our policy is that camp is closed to guests.  Our business complies with permit and insurance expectations and standards.  We also need to control attendees for planning and safety purposes.

Q: I forgot to ask if I could bring my friend, and they are here with me now, what should I do?

A: The cost is $25 for unexpected drop-in friends IF we can accommodate you.  Otherwise you'll need to take your friend on a run on your own and it doesn't count as credit toward graduating.

Q: If you allow me to bring a guest, how much is it?

A: $20