Joint Pain and Weight Loss Facts and Studies

The amount of PRESSURE your joints endure reduces as you lose weight.

Harvard Medical School

​Johns Hopkins


come to  camp?

If you have approval from your doctor to exercise but it is limited then we expect you to SHOW UP!

To understand your limitations you need to call us to discuss so we can adjust your workout.  

Our camp begins on time and we cannot have discussions to adjust you there. 

Call us or text so we know what's up!


avoiding and/or coping with them

As you age your body doesn't BOUNCE BACK like it used to! 

Read this as a guide to consider.  

You are responsible for your body and what you do to it and you should always consult your doctor for official advice in this area.  


  • Arrive ON TIME or EARLY so you do the planned warm up.
  • Do not mask pain with pain killers, especially just before camp!
  • Eat healthy foods that will assist your body.
  • Wear the correct shoes.  Go to a PROFESSIONAL RUNNING STORE to find out what the right shoe would be.  Don't buy inserts unless your podiatrist tells you to. 
  •  Wear clothing that fits you and is not draping off of you.
  • Ladies: wear sports bras meant for HIGH IMPACT ACTIVITY. Men: wear compression shorts.
  • If you have been injured before starting our program CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR on your limitations and then LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR DOCTOR SAYS TO DO.  We can give you alternate activities for you to do but you have to talk to us before camp begins for this to work.
  • New to running?  DO NOT RUN FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF CAMP. You need to prepare your lower body for the impact it is not used to handling.

dealing with INJURIES

  • Try to pinpoint what hurts by doing some research on where/what your pain is.  If you go to your doctor with a good description it will only help him/her get you on the road to recovery sooner.
  • Research natural remedies that will give you relief such as yoga, rolling, massage, epsom salt baths, concentrated cherry juice, turmeric.  Look things up at reputable websites.  We'll tell you what we've used that has helped us.
  • Of course FOLLOW YOUR DOCTOR'S ADVICE! Hopefully you have a doctor that wants to get you healthy and running across this great planet sooner than later again.
  • Don't mask your pain with pain killers over and over and over.  How is your body supposed to tell you there is something wrong if you turn off the only system you have that will alert you?  Let's be sensible.
  • R.I.C.E.  is easy to do and definitely should be part of handling your body if you have soft tissue pain.  It stands for Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.  Read more...


  • Running is bad for your knees. No, running does not jack up your knees!  If you are in good health and you've taken care of yourself your body will LOVE running (properly).  What REALLY happens.
  • It's better to run with headphones and workout to music.  Sorry, we wholeheartedly disagree and it's why we do not have either at our program.  We're a family-style program and that means we have actual dialog, give regular directions and corrections and above all KEEP THE POSITIVE ENERGY MOVING through the entire hour.
  • "Advil is safe! Take it so you don't have pain" said no one's heart, liver or digestive system ever!  Argue with this guy or this  doctor who is cited as performing 370,000 colonoscopies (not us).
  • "No pain, no gain."  FALSE!  You need to work hard every day pushing a little more on a gradient.  Aches and pains connected to working out are great feelings but THOSE WILL GO AWAY.  Pushing beyond that is just foolish.
  • Running and walking burn the same amount of calories.  WRONG, sort of.  Your body weight and the energy you are putting into moving it across the planet is directly related to the amount of calories you will burn.  Use the BORG CHART and stay in the higher levels (you should not be able to carry on a full conversation).  Trail running requires more attention than road running and road running requires more attention that treadmill.  That attention is energy use.