• If you have ever dealt with an injury limiting your movement and need a good workout, we're a solution!
  • Training for a long distance race?  Work on your core which will help you run with a stronger core.
  • Do you just want to NOT RUN?
  • Are you beginning exercising and need a gradient approach?

Lean Out

Register for camp where you will add (at no extra charge) yourself to the LiLo (Low Impact Lean Out) roster.

On Mon, Wed and Fri you will have the option to participate in our standard workout that will include high impact activity or the the Low Impact workout.

How can I join?

This is a NO IMPACT hour that will give you a tough workout - at your ability level.

There will be ZERO running or jumping exercies.

We will amp up your cardio and build your core.

Designed to get you dripping with sweat and happy you worked out!

6 Week Camp Price:  $225

6 Week Camp Graduate Price: $150

We offer 5 week camps periodically.

5 Week Camp Price: $188

5 Week Camp Graduate Price $125

See more about graduating price here.

how much is it?

What is it?


This is open to all of our enrolled campers attending the 5:30am or 6:00pm classes.

It is an option!

Both workouts will be TOUGH and you WILL get results if you stick with it for 6 weeks.

Low Impact

Our campers have asked for help getting their friends that are intimidated at the word "boot camp" as well as athletes that are injured.

Who can join?

Join our 6-week program with this OPTION every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the 5:30am and 6:00pm classes.

Introducing our NEW Program!