Spicy Broccoli and Bean Soup LINK       I removed the soy sauce, reduced the salt and replaced the tofu with beans.  Personally I don't like tofu (don't trust the source for GMO reasons as well).


I love soups!  So does my friend Chelsea.  She inspired me to try creating lots of different soups (thanks Chelsea!).

Making a soup at home is CRAZY-EASY.  If you have a crock-pot that's awesome.  I prefer my 2 quart La Crueset Round French Oven.  It was very expensive but I cook EVERYTHING in it.  I love that you can have it on the stove top AND pop it in the oven.  It is an investment for sure (and a good gift too).  Shop the outlets!

I prefer spices from either Abundant Harvest Organics or Penzey's.   Did you know your spices lose their KICK over time?  They don't spoil but the flavor reduces.  You should write the date on all of your spices so you can replace them.  Ground spices last 3 years and leafy herbs about 2 years.

Salt in your soups.   I normally do HALF of what the recipe calls for and then "salt to taste".  I've noticed over the years of eating more fresh food (as opposed to processed) and trying to stick with organic that my taste buds don't NEED salt to enjoy the flavor. 

soup recipes


Eat a BIG LUNCH.  If you feel like having one of the 5 things we recommend you not eat after 3:00pm then do it at lunch.  All things in moderation though!

You should strive to include a green salad (meaning you use leafy green vegetables like lettuce, kale, spinach...you get the picture we hope) with your lunch.   It will KEEP YOU REGULAR and that's a good thing.