EXTRA CREDIT has a time limit within each camp.

It must be completed and reported as completed via email by the 2nd to the last day of a camp no later than 7pm.


Attend one of our Aqua Running Clinics and earn a credit.  

weekend events

When offered, join us for a Saturday or Sunday boot camp adventure.  These range from a kettle bell lesson at the beach to running a mountain outside of Simi Valley.

​These are normally marked under the Sat/Sun column on the Roll Call.

how to Graduate!

You must earn a minimum number of "credits" during the 6-week or 5-week program in order to graduate.  This applies to the Full 360, Base and Buffet Programs.

A credit is earned for each class you attend. When you graduate the Full 360 or Base Program you get a shiny new Dog Tag plus the huge discounts to return and continue with us.  

education credit

We firmly believe that the more you learn about your body, nutrition and exercise the easier it will be to carry on a smarter and healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes (NOT ALWAYS) we will offer a fun educational challenge that you read/watch (video or book) then take a test to earn a credit.

Currently we are offering a credit if you watch the movie  FORKS OVER KNIVES then take the test Sarita created.  You have to get 100% to earn a credit and you can watch and take the test with people helping you!  Kids are especially good for this (they don't miss a thing!)

If you are interested in this challenge, just ask via email.  

run an organized race

Getting yourself prepared and through a race is no small task!  We applaud all efforts and will give credit to any race you finish during the 6-week tour.

Please support LOCAL RACES as a priority - we need more of our own community outside enjoying the planet on their own running sticks!  (Running Sticks are your legs!).

Be sure you wear your 805 Boot Camp Gear and REPRESENT with a great attitude and support.

The race, to earn credit, must have occurred between the Start Date and End Date of a Camp Tour.


Sometimes work, illness or vacation pulls a camper away from a 6 week tour but they still want to continue the exercise regiment that has become a lifestyle!

We offer "homework assignments" for you.

You can ask for these assignments UP TO the 3rd to the last day of a camp tour. 

They must be reported COMPLETE in writing by the 2nd to the last day of the camp tour 7:00pm pst in writing.

How to get an assignment?

Write to Randy (Program Director) and he will send them to you.

To earn the credit you must report back a DONE in writing (via email please) to Randy.

We allow 3 (three) homework credits only.

Do a double or triple

If you attend more than one class in a day just make sure you show your smiling face to the Instructor taking Roll Call.

You must be present at each START of a class, not make one class last longer (as in a trail run).

We have had campers start on a hike at 5:30am and assume they would earn 2 credits if they returned after the 1 hour class time.  This is now being made clear so there is no gray area - you cannot do this and get 2 credits.

If you are on a 3-Day per week program you may pay the Daily Rate and earn a credit to attend a 4th or 5th day.  See the Pricelist for current Daily Rate pricing.

Oh NO!

I missed class...what now?

We get it...life sometimes interrupts your plans and when you are on a mission of changing your life you need HELP sticking to your goal.

These are our approved methods of making up for missed time at camp.  THERE ARE A LOT OF OPTIONS!