We offer two classes in the morning and one in the evening.  That has become a perfect spot in the day for everyone:  those that must be at work at the crack of dawn and those night owls that cannot imagine being up before the sun!  Every day we see the sunrise and the sunset. The locations we visit are mostly in central and eastern Simi Valley but on occasion we dash to the west side.

Our programs are affordable starting with the Full 360 costing a little over $10 per day for a workout and nutrition regiment.  A Graduate Price is a little over $7 per day.

The Base Workouts Only costs between $11 and $8 per day.

The Buffet (3 days per week) program costs between $12 and $8 a day.

We do not know what other similar programs charge to compare. 


We start on time and end on time.  The program has a snap-and-pop vibe because we understand your time is important.  We want you to get the most out of every moment together.  Since 2006 we have been creating perfect hour-long exercise plans that leave you dripping with sweat and happy!

No workout day matches another.  We keep you moving and your body guessing.  Randy creates workouts while considering the people and their ability levels.  We are also always outdoors which is really great here in Southern California.

This is a big deal for us personally.  We are a family-show style program.  We welcome everyone no matter if you are a beginner to an advanced athlete.  Our program has been a relief from those that don't need or want to feel they must "fit in" to a clique.   The only people we don't welcome are those with stinky attitudes, and they normally don't like our environment anyway and look for (and hopefully find) a better place. 


Our opinions

Did we miss YOUR need?

Send us a note and let us know what is on your mind. 

Returning campers: we'd love to know what your thoughts are too.

We figured out what and why we can beat your lazy bone.  It's called FRIENDS THAT CARE ABOUT YOU as well as us.  We encourage communication between the campers.  It's nice to hang out with positive and encouraging people that look forward to seeing you again.  You cannot check-out with headphones or your phone because we don't allow them at our program.  We firmly believe our camper family can unplug from their electronic devices for 60 minutes!  For some this is a deal breaker and we understand. 

Laziness Killers.




You pay in advance and go on a Roster.  We take Roll Call from the roster and actually CARE if you don't show up.  We don't offer refunds. On the flip side, tracking your attendance will earn a special gift from us at the end in the form of BIG SAVINGS.  Our campers go to great lengths to hit the minimum expectation on attendance to earn that gift.  

We get calls almost daily asking us to "explain why you are better" or "tell me what the difference is with your camp and ______________ (another program in town)."

This is an interesting and tricky question(s).

There is no way we can tell someone the answer because we don't know what the other places do, we know what we do and that we were the first ones to begin outdoor boot camp for adults in Simi Valley in 2006.

Our program has bobbed and weaved with the needs and wishes of our customers.  It has allowed us to employ almost two dozen men and women over the years and we shared our success with them through excellent pay, benefits and bonuses. 

We know our model has been observed and implemented in other programs in town (some with our blessings and some through unprofessional methods).   "Imitation is the highest form of flattery."

As I said, I can tell you what WE do so here it goes.