Camp Day - What To Expect!

  • Get to class EARLY so you can dial in to our system.
  • You will join a lot of friendly people, they'll help you set up if you get confused.
  • We place your mat with your weights, water and sweat towel. If you are new you'll join the C group - see above for mat location.
  • If you brought everything in a bag or container, just place it out of the workout area. 
  • If you wish: you can put your keys in our "key basket" to hold and lock up safely (in case we leave our starting location, which we normally do).  We are not responsible for damage to your keys or valuables.
  • Do not bring valuables to class - like cell phones, expensive sunglasses, purses or wallets.  Secure those items in your car BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR LOCATION.  When you arrive you can hop out with your keys and no one will see you stowing your valuables.  This is important.  Thieves watch what you do so when you put your purse in the trunk, that's where they go first!
  • Perfumes or Cologne.  Please wear ZERO scented items.  We are allergic to a few chemicals found in all scented items.  It also is a way to attract mosquitos, moths, bees and other non-bootcamp conducive creatures.

The following items are important for camp:

Workout apparel.  This is not a fashion show and you WILL get grass stains, mud, dirt and lots of sweat all over your gear and apparel.  Why not visit the local thrift store and stock up?

Sports Bra.  No matter what size, you need to wear a sports bra.  The bra needs to be able to handle HIGH IMPACT ACTIVITY.  We are a FAMILY SHOW and do not want you (or anyone else) distracted with "the girls" bouncing all over the place.  The technology on support has improved so much.  Go to a PROFESSIONAL running store (see below) and get fitted. 

Compression Shorts.  Men need to wear these.  Your legs are up in the air and your shorts fall down.  That's Chapter 1 of the story.  Chapter 2 could be you carry on without concern because you've got compression shorts on OR it will be you drop your legs a lot adjusting, push your shorts up over and over all the time missing out on the exercises.  


Color DOES NOT MATTER!  Inserts are not critical (the technology in shoes today cannot be ignored and it is why shoes cost over $100!

PLEASE do not go out and buy a new pair of shoes unless you are a regular experienced runner and you do not have injuries.  We want to see your shoes and help you make sure you avoid injuries to your feet, knees, shins, calves and hips. 

If you want to get your shoes in advance only go to a PROFESSIONAL running shoe store (and be SURE to tell them you are joining 805 Boot Camp).  

We recommend the following professional running stores locally:

Foot Pursuit in Simi Valley
Future Track Agoura
Road Runner Thousand Oaks  

Be sure you tell them you are doing 805 Boot Camp.  You will be face down (so your toe box needs to be sturdy) doing push-ups, mountain climbers, bear crawls and more).

There are a few items that you'll need to bring for camp.  

We have been around for a while and most places will give you a discount if you tell them you are joining 805 Boot Camp.

1) Free Weights.  Two 5lb weights for women and two 10lb weights for men.  Hexagon is the best choice.

2) A mat.  Thin yoga mats are not ideal.  We use the mat on cement, dirt, rocks, grass...all outdoors.  See the photo for a good example.  

​Somehow write your full name on your gear...there are a LOT of mats that match and you don't want to grab the wrong mat (with someone's sweat on it...ewww gross!).