We often test our campers with a push-up, sit-up and timed mile test. 

These tests are to help an individual see where they are "at" and then work to improve it.

Strength and Endurance Testing

OUR reviews...

No hype

we get the job done

Our campers will confirm, when you sign up for our program you are joining a group that is sincerely dedicated to improving their health through exercise and nutrition.


"My body is a lot more firm and the head is a little more clear."

Jim Twitchell

"I feel like I am doing something great for myself, in all aspects. We all have choices right?  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Julie Spesock


"In all my days of losing/gaining workout/not workout I have never found anything that fits so well with what I needed.  The variety, family atmosphere and the extra challenges make it the best and most fun program there is."

                                                                                     Kelli Rampton

"Keeping my stress levels in check."

Robert Hamilton

"I used to go to the gym at 5:30 am and I'd be so tired for the day that I would need a nap. Leaving camp everyday I'm alert and awake until I crash at about 7:45pm. Today I think I did the best I have so far. Sarita helped by telling me to jog out 100 sets and then walk for 25 steps during todays run."

Tracy Kirchenberg

"I was depressed when I started, since my 1st day my whole attitude has changed I feel alive, positive and confident with myself. my body is sore, very sore but I want and will succeed."

Nancy Suarez

"I have one hour a day that I feel relaxed and don't worry about other stuff. That actually means so much to me."

Vicki Adoff