May 21st, Saturday 7 am Meet at Tapo Canyon Trail. Course will be marked by RD.

June 5th Sunday 7 am
Meet at Marrland and we will be running the course backwards.

June 11th Saturday 7 am
Meet at Tapo Canyon Trail and we will mark the full course.

The FIRST half-marathon ALL TRAILS in Simi Valley's history!

Run with UltraRunner Roxy Rockit as she returns from massive physical set-backs that took her OUT.

She's clawing her way back with spark and drive. She has not taken her eye off of getting back into the Ultra World.

This race is about NEVER EVER giving up on what you love.

The revenge part has to do with all the crap that tries to stop you from doing what you want! The best revenge is to pull into the fast lane and hit the gas...succeed!!

Sunday, June 26th
6:00am race starts
Tapo Canyon Trail
$35 Entry Fee
Sign Up at (pink button at top of page)

Early-Bib pick up Saturday June 25th 10:00am till 3:00pm at 805 Boot Camp 3406 Monticello Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063

*You must arrive back at the Marrland aid station a second time which will be Mile 7.8 by 9:00am.

Roxy's Revenge Race: Text Alert

  • EARLY BIB PICK-UP Saturday 25 June 10am-3pm at 805 Boot Camp
  • Finisher Medal
  • Top 3 Overall
  • Top 3 Female
  • We will have tank tops and t-shirts available for sale


  • ALL TRAIL Half Marathon
  • Simi Valley California
  • Sunday June 26th, 2016
  • 6:00am Race Starts
  • 5 hour cut off*
  • Tapo Canyon Trail
  • $35 race entry
Roxy's encouraging words - TRAIN FOR THIS.


A super short message from Roxy, posted on Sunday June 5th after a 7am training run on the course.