1. Tell someone exactly where you will be going and how long you plan to be out there for.  Tell them what time you plan to leave. 
  2. Choose a populated, busy and/or well known trail.  Stay ON the trail.
  3. Bring a map, compass, knife, whistle and your phone.  Most trails are viewable online and you can print off an 8x10 paper OR screen shot and save it to your photos.
  4. Check the weather report and prepare for the elements.
  5. Wear bright colors (try not to blend into the trail or terrain).
  6. Don’t run with headphones AT ALL.  Especially out on the trails.  You won’t hear mountain bikers, other runners/hikers or WILD LIFE.  You put yourself at risk.  Don’t blare music on your phone: other people are on the trail.  Be considerate of their attempt to get away from electronic equipment.
  7. If you encounter a person you don’t feel comfortable around stay on the far side of the trail and pass quickly looking back often.   If you have cell reception (or even if you don’t - just fake a conversation), dial up a friend and talk to them as you pass the person.  If it was me, I’d probably pick up my pace to find another person on the trail I felt OK around. 
  8. Have water in your car when you are finished.

OH BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH!  Do you feel like getting out there and checking her out but don't have a friend that can accompany you?

We get it - and we've got advice on being safe.

Recently a woman left her home in Simi Valley toward the ocean to "run on the beach".  She was missing for 2 days when by chance a woman was walking her dog and heard her screams 70 feet down a ravine.  Her family did not know where to begin searching for her.  Here's the story.

Onward with our advice: