"My running is getting much better. When I don't workout I feel lousy and when I do workout I feel great!" 

-Peter Hubbard
"Thank you Randy Shoemaker and Sarita Shoemaker. I completed the whole 5k without stopping or walking thanks to 805 Boot Camp!"

-Rene Zgrabik

"Because of your push and help I am so excited to tell you I have PASSED my test and will be heading out to Hawaii - US AIR FORCE! 

Thank you for the time and patience and understanding about how important this step of my life is. I could not have done it without you. Thank you 805 Boot Camp"

"Signing up was the best thing I ever did! 

Everyone Is so nice and encouraging! Both of you have helped me tremendously in incorporating both healthy eating habits and exercising routines into my life. 

I have never felt happier and healthier. I never thought I would look forward to exercising every day, but I really do!

I wake up every morning very sleepy, but also very excited to be going to boot camp."

Aimee Lee

"First time in my ENTIRE life that I have been referred to as an athlete!!! He said he could tell immediately just looking at me. 

That, my friend, is a direct result of BootCamp.

If you or Randy ever have any doubts that you are changing lives just talk to me.

In the time that I have been with you guys I have been taken off all medication, I'm stable first time since 2008, my bone density has improved considerably (a year ago I would have fractured my shin) and I'm considered an athlete.

You guys transformed my life and I am so grateful!!!!  

So thank you for all that you and Sarita do!! I’m incredibly grateful to Leah for getting involved in Boot Camp and the opportunity to meet you both!"

Maggie K