Holy TOLEDO we will be holding future fundraising boot camp sessions for charities near and dear to us!

The Friends of VCAS Benefit Boot Camp held on October 27th and 29th raised over $1,100 and volumes of blankets, towels, pee pads and food for the No-Kill Shelter.

We had folks unable to attend but made contributions.

Our goal was $350.

We also had a blast on our "off week" seeing everyone for a more relaxed environment with plenty of jaw jacking, fun and WORK.

We had Kettle Bell and a new Bar Hammer that COOKED our abdominal muscles. 

Thank you to everyone that helped!


We are producing two days of 805 Boot Camp to help raise funds for Ventura County Animal Services.

Everyone is welcome to join us, you must be REGISTERED (below) and have a current waiver filled in.

Donation only (make check payable to Ventura County Animal Services) for a minimum of $5.00.

No cash accepted.