Biggest Winner!

Join our Full 360 Program and we watch and help you make good nutritional choices at the same time as working out during the whole camp session.

Each participant in our Biggest Winner Challenge throws $20 into a hat.  We take the Body Weight, Body Fat and BMI measurements at the start of camp and the person with the BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT average of all three stats wins 75% of the pot. 

The other 25% goes toward 805 Boot Camp Equipment improvement, maintenance and additions.

It's basically one of this highest accomplishments  an 805 Boot Camper can complete.

The FULL 360 and BASE Program campers must attend every CONSECUTIVE day of boot camp that we hold.  

​There is a special acknowledgement at the end and a special Dog Tag as well.  

Needless to day (but I'm going to anyway) you get the absolute best possible progress on any sort of exercise and fitness goals when you show up to camp every single day!

The Buffet Program was introduced into our camp in 2013 and it requires a commitment of 3 days of attendance every week for the entire session.  We consider a Buffet Perfect Attendance one that sticks to that and we make a special announcement at our Graduation.

What is perfect attendance?